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Able Varghese
Able Varghese


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Able Varghese

Able Varghese

Mr. Able Varghese is a powerful preacher, prophetic voice, and visionary revivalist. Born in India, he has been used by God from a young age to impact lives and bring transformation to communities. He is the founder of Island's Revival Center, a ministry dedicated to inspiring people to love Jesus more.

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Join our official Telegram channel to stay updated on all the latest news and updates from Prophet Able Varghese Ministry. This channel is your source for private meeting updates, important teaching updates, and more. By joining, you'll have access to exclusive content and be part of a community focused on spiritual growth and divine encounters. Don't miss out on this opportunity to receive valuable insights and guidance. Join us today and be connected with Prophet Able Varghese Ministry!

Able Varghese
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ABLAZE is a monthly meeting open to all city churches,
with the sole aim of pursuing unity and revival in the city.
Started by our beloved

spiritual parents

Prophets Shyju Mathew and Tiny Mathew in different cities,
the meeting is now led by Prophet Able Varghese in Halifax, Canada.
These meetings are an opportunity to join together
in prayer and worship, and to be inspired by the
powerful message of the Prophets.

Shyju Mathew

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