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On the wedding of Cana, Jesus was present yet nobody was able to recognise Him. His mother turned to Him when the need was beyond their ability to fix the situation and when everything failed. But Jesus answered that His time had not yet come. Then after a while, He asked them to fill the water pots with water and asked the servants to present it in front of chief of the banquet. He then told the bridegroom that everybody serve’s the best wine first and worst last, however they had kept the best at the end of the feast. In simple terms, the  best answer is Jesus whom we approach at the last moment when we seem to fail in our own abilities. Note that Jesus answered that His time had not yet come. This means that He doesn’t like to share His glory with others by doing shared work. He never chose the vessel which was used to serve wine till that time and He didn’t ask anyone’s  opinion regarding what kind of wine that is to be made. He chooses the Unexpected pots to fill with the best wine and He decided which type of wine that was to be served. He never shared His glory and wanted to manifest His glory. But we have experienced His glory many times in our lives.Thus, don’t keep the best for Last. Keep Jesus first then you will never be in a position to face the worst in any situation. He will give you the best first.

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