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Conclusion is the final point of every deed. It is very desirable to all as it leads to results, which every individual looks for. Perhaps, we expect quicker results out of everything! Results influence human life as we tend to be result oriented. They can make us happy, sad, can build us or even break us. Results often bring out the reliable fact even if we doubt, assume things to change, feel nervous or get tensed.We, human beings look for reliability in everything. We hate uncertainty and nobody wishes to be uncertain. An uncertainty puts us in distress, and at stage of mind in which we are prone to not rely on anything or anybody. We become curious and feel anxiousness taking us over, which is a difficult time. At this stage, we might find it hard to find answers for many curious questions. This causes us to rush into certain conclusions in our hearts.

–       Many factors push us to conclusions, even hope is lost!

One of those main factors is uncertainty. Concluding on them will be an escape from it. Time as well plays a crucial role in pushing us to conclusions. The more we wait, the more we seem to lose hope. The more we become hopeless, the more anxious we are to take chances. With each passing time we automatically rush into conclusions. The times we seem to see certain possibilities, we wait for good results from God. On the other hand, come a time when all possibilities cease to show, we lose hope. The more we tend to lose hope, the more certain it is for us to get into that final stage.

Information, experience and knowledge are the most deceiving factors when it comes to conclusions. Information indicates you to sources you can get clarity from. Experience will tell you what someone has seen, been through, heard or felt. It brings forth learning’s, examples and evidence from the past. It is indeed, one of the most powerful factors in convincing us. Knowledge will make you to think and analyze to conclude things considering its own parameters. For instance, the people confirmed that Lazarus was dead. The information, experience and knowledge coupled with the natural signs and symptoms confirmed the same.

–       The seriousness of ungodly conclusion.

It isn’t necessary that our conclusions are same as God’s conclusions. When we find zero possibilities, when all natural laws confirm an end, when all our senses feel it and all the information and knowledge you possess gives you evidences that it has finished or we have lost it. Yet, God sees beyond our possibilities and doesn’t conclude at our finishing point.

We go through all the consequences of the result as the trauma felt followed by an ungodly conclusion is powerful. Although we may not express it out, we will carry this burden within us and continue to live with that mindset and a broken heart. We lose the joy of our very life. Out of brokenness and frustration we slowly start expressing it one way or other. Take a look at the house of Lazarus, when he died, his folks thought it was all over. They accepted the pain, the insults and everything and this was not because God had forsaken them in this situation. But it was a result of an ungodly conclusion over that situation. They believed what they saw and heard as all human parameters confirmed it.

–       Overcoming it.

We need to accept the fact that we are mere human beings. But we have a God is not a human being, who is not limited to natural laws as He is the creator of the entire universe. John 1:3 says he created everything in this world. His creation is deeper than what human minds can possibly fathom. Even if we are to use all the physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology or any divisions of science or technology to understand, we can be sure that not even a single person can know each detail of this wide universe and creations. Humans have discovered many things but not created it. Men need resources to create something but God doesn’t. He is the resource for everything. He is the only reason for His existence when everything has an external reason for their own existence. He is not limited to laws. He is not under anybody. He is not limited with times for He is the creator of time. If we humans, can divide a second into micro second and nano second, imagine how far God can go. He created human beings from the dust of this earth and he can still do it. The God we serve is beyond our description and cannot be wholly explained. Explanation needs information, who on earth has the entire information about God to explain. None!

The best way to conclude anything is to look unto God. Before we conclude on anything, we must understand our resource. God is he, who can do anything anytime; he’s the creator of everything. If he says a final word then who can change it, if he refuses to say it then who can say it. Jesus was on the way to the house of the ruler of the Synagogue to heal his daughter. A servant brought news that the child is dead and Jesus needn’t be troubled anymore. People confirmed that and started to prepare for the funeral service. Jesus ignoring this news told that she is just sleeping. He did not say a final word yet. The people’s judgment was far away from the heart of Jesus. They seemed to be correct based on their information, knowledge and experience. But this situation was beyond what their resources could handle. They thought their possibilities ended because Jesus can only heal the sick and this child was dead. They thought death is beyond control and even Jesus wouldn’t be able to do any good and that’s what they meant when they said not to trouble Jesus anymore. But Jesus told them, “Don’t be afraid, only believe”.

We should understand all miracles are wrapped inside the pack of human uncertainty and hopelessness, tied with all the negative things of this world sealed with impossibilities. When Jesus performed miracles, while on this earth, the first sign we see everywhere was impossibility associated with negative remarks. Godly miracles cant be termed as a “miracle” if there could be any natural chances. When we go through the bible, we can see that when God walked into an impossible situation it turned into a miracle. Jesus never attended or conducted a funeral service because He is resurrection and He is life. Death can’t stand in front of Him. All the dead situations Jesus walked into has turned to a rebirth instead of death.

Waiting for Jesus in a situation is the most beautiful time for those who believe and the most vulnerable time for those who don’t believe. Those who believe understand that each passing time is bringing them closer to their miracle and Jesus is getting closer and closer. But those who don’t believe feel that time is being wasted and Jesus is not going to do it or it is too late to do something now. They get disappointed before the right time of a miracle and walk away from God. But those who believe will be excited to see the work of the Lord and start praising Him even before it appears. They prepare for the miracle when others prepare to walk away from it. They rejoice in God when others get disappointed with God. In Mark 5:35 & 36 we can see that when everyone was disappointed with the news. Jesus replied to the father, “Do not be afraid, just believe”. Meaning, if the Father is also thinking that Jesus can’t do anything and ask Jesus to leave that matter there then he is going to lose the miracle. Then Jesus said only believe and do not let your heart to listen to this news, “Only believe”. He came to Jesus by believing that he can heal the girl. Jesus was emphasizing that, so the Father could hold on to the belief that the Father had in him. Jesus said “My time is not over, I am Lord in this situation too”. I can still do things still, do not conclude like them. You invited me to a situation and do not let your heart to conclude before I touch that situation. Don’t look into the problem when I’m walking with you to the situation. Do not search for a resource when I’m available.

We need the courage to wait until He touches our situation. We need real obedience if we invited Jesus into our situation and want to see a miracle. Our courage is not humanly made. It is based up on the character of God and he cannot deny His own character. He was faithful to everyone in the Bible. Then how can he be unfaithful to us. The only thing I am not aware is the time. Time is the parameter we use many a times to expect miracle. We need everything immediately. We don’t have patience. Abraham had the patience to receive his blessing even after years of his promise. But Sara wanted that immediately and she concluded that she is not going to give birth to a child as the time is too late and took an ungodly decision. But for God it was not too late. It was on time. He will not be late in your situation or early in our situation. We should trust Him for His time and be confident in it. In biblical words, have faith in Him and believe that He will do it for you.

The trust and confidence required will come through.

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