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The Upcoming Revival- The visions I saw.

A few weeks ago, when I was praying for the current season, God showed me a series of visions. In the first one, I saw a partially dried tree and its leaves were completely withered. From the picture, I could understand that earlier it was a fruit-bearing tree but now everything has withered. Yet in the very same vision the Lord showed me the tree becoming green and productive again. It seemed to me that the tree was being supplied and nourished with water. In my second vision, I saw the Earth, and different waves were crashing in. I could discern in my vision, that the first wave was the Corona virus which is currently attacking the world, but I kept seeing another bunch of waves coming from a far distance. I also saw an umbilical cord connected to a mother and a child - just an analogy that God had shown me of how the people are connected to the Earth. Instantly, the Earth started trembling and the cord of attachment broke up. I could see that people became insecure as they lost their trust, connection, and peace that they had on Earth and everything that was in it - the governments, political leaders, medical systems etc. I am not sure if it was happening worldwide or in a few countries, but I also saw that there was going to be a bank crash and the economic fall. God showed me these few waves entering into the Earth but in all these I saw the bride of Christ - the Church, arising, being strengthened and entering into the glory. Just like how I saw the first vision of the tree, I saw the Church being flourished again and being a fortress for people to run into. In the book of Kings, we read that in the time of Elijah, there was a famine and drought in the country. Even though, it was a season of dryness and drought, Elisha was prepared with twelve yokes of oxen expecting a rain - which shows how well equipped he was. Similarly, the Church has to be well equipped for the next season of revival and God will manifest His glory through the Church.The Lord gave me a verse from the book of Isaiah, Isaiah - 2:2 (ESV ) says, “It shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the house of the LORD shall be established as the highest of the mountains, and shall be lifted up above the hills; and all the nations shall flow to it.”

The time is coming when people will lose hope in earthly systems and find their security in the Kingdom of God. So as a Church, God wants us to be equipped to serve the people and lead them to the Kingdom because once this season has passed, a Greater Revival is coming!

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