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Prophet Able Varghese

It was my first winter in Canada, which I was really excited to experience since it was really new for me. Winter is a hard season where life seems to be stagnant. Every living being  will be struggling and staying inactive, during the days of winter.

The winter was so exciting for me since all those images and ambience was really strange for me. I felt as if I was on a different planet, where I could find everything around me so different; the weather, culture, people - everything seemed different for me . Remember, it takes place in the same country, to the same city, to the same people. But what matters is the change in season. This change in season causes the change in lifestyle, habits, timings etc.

From the time when I first experienced the season which was strange for me, it led me to many thoughts regarding our Spiritual life. The nine lessons I was taught by my first winter in Canada were so powerful and eye opening, and I would like to share it with you guys. Let me make it clear for you through some points.


It is the key concern to begin with. When life transforms into a different season, it's very important for you to recognise (realise) it immediately. Understanding the season will help you to observe everything in a new perspective, which is different from your previous way of behaviour. It can be called the first step to improvise yourself in Christ. Realise yourself and the season you go through.


I was really excited from the moment I landed here, and was baffled to see no one outside their houses, where I too was told to wait inside. Let me remind you something, when you are in a strange season, which you haven't experienced before, wait with patience to be the best you.


I only heard of the winter in Canada until I experienced it. I found people wearing heavy jackets and boots, even when there was no snowfall. But it is a way of precaution where we could protect ourselves from the forthcoming hard times. Knowing about a season, and experiencing it is too different. Even before experiencing the atmosphere outside, I protect myself from it. You can't predict the weather, so you should be conscious enough to protect yourself. Even if  the weather is familiar for you, it is a mandatory decision or act that you should protect yourself.


This was too hard for me then. As an Indian, my 15 years stay in Bangalore has made me a man of freedom who could go through any place, at any time. Daily walk was my habit, which I missed a lot in my early Canadian days. By realising the situation I  went through, I restricted myself in my certain habits. You don't have to expose yourself to every season. Hide yourself if the 'weather' seems to be tough, thereby reducing the chances of being hurt. It's not the time to play with yourself, but hide yourself until you get into a better season.


It is a time when you need to learn a lot from other experienced people, since you are so new to this season. You will have to ask them about the safety measures. You will have to follow their instructions without hesitation, which will make you more proficient to the season. It's like something necessary to follow.  Learn from other’s experiences who have already gone through these stages.


A sudden change or shift in the surrounding may cause problems in your physical body, because your immune system will not be able to resist the new level of challenges. Your current immune system was built for the past environment . It's too important to eat the right food, right nutrients to improve your immune system when stepping into a new season. It's a relevant point in our spiritual life where we should feed ourselves with the Word of God well and spend time with God so that you can resist when you go through a hard time. Prepare yourself to be fed more in Spirit where there are chances to fall.


You can't exist with your windows open every time. There are times when you should close all kinds of doors through which unnecessary people and situations would create a bad access into your life. When it's a different weather, find out the point where there’s a leak and shut the doors, thereby keeping yourself away from possible troubles.


it's something which could make you exuberant and powerful. No matter how hard the weather is or no matter how horrible the temperature is, you need to set your spiritual temperature. You may need to pray or fast or worship more during this time as the outside atmosphere is not the best for you. You need to learn from the word of God and be more in His presence.  This will create an atmosphere where you can be safe irrespective of what is happening outside. Do everything that would enhance you spiritually and be safe.


You won't be left to remain in the same season lifelong. You will definitely have a season change, where everything still will acquire life. Everything will transform to an entirely different season where you could be able to feel better comfort. You may not be satisfied and happy in this season; but be patient, you will soon witness a rushing of blessings in your life. The more patiently you wait, the more you will be able to enjoy the coming season of ecstatic times .

Remember, when you go through a 'winter season' in your spiritual life, it's not a time to weep around or give up, but it's a time where you could prepare yourself mentally to accept it. The more you accept it, the more free you will be. And you will witness an amazing season ahead of the hard times.

Hoping this would help you in living your spiritual life. May God bless you with this.

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